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Today is Martin Luther King Day. Two years ago, on MLK day, with my two-year-old girl in tow, I drove to Muskegon and Whitehall areas looking for an attorney who was willing to take my un-usual case. A new judge in Muskegon County ordered to have my bank accounts cleaned and paychecks garnished to give to my ex-husband 5 (five) years after my divorce was finalized.

My ex-husband came back to court 5 (five) years after a division of property was already done with no discrepancies. Due to that order, it became a very complicated case, and a 40-year veteran family lawyer in Muskegon had already told me that as illegal as the court order was, I had no hope!

So, I was thinking that Shon would definitely reject me as a new client and honestly, I wouldn’t blame her. And if she would take me as her client, her fees would certainly cost me more than I could pay. I accepted the fact that I would live with the injustice, and no one would be able to rectify it.

I was dumbfounded when Shon was willing to take my case! She was very straightforward, empathetic, meticulous, and resourceful. I completely trusted her; never once did I have to ask her: “Hey Shon, what’s going on with my case?” I trusted Shon fully that she would take care of my case diligently and to the best of her ability.

Her staff was very empathetic and treated me sympathetically and respectfully. Shon understood my case very well, devised the best course in handling it, lined up expert witnesses who were there to inform the court that the “judgment” against me should be reversed.

Shon took care of my complicated case in less than a year – exceeding my expectations! I wish she was the one who had handled my case from the beginning.

If you are facing a challenging legal situation and need highly competent, and empathetic representation, I highly recommend Shon Cook to be your lawyer. I believe that Shon Cook should be a judge in Muskegon County!

Laura Freeman:

Shon exceeded my expectations. I could not have asked for more. Shon was motivated on my behalf to protect an innocent child. Shon Cook is knowledgeable and professional. She is an awesome attorney.

Charles-John Campbell:

Ms. Cook is brutally honest and straightforward. She does what she says she is going to do. Any and all questions and concerns I had were addressed promptly and justly. Shon got right down to business, listened to all my concerns and addressed them immediately. She kept me calm when under pressure and delivered justice to my case. I was absolutely thrilled with the outcome of my case.

Bonadean Williams:

Shon does a great job. She is not out for just your money; she is upfront and honest. Shon Cook is a great lady. Love her personality. She is a great attorney. Her staff is also great. Very down-to-earth people and they do a great job.

Jodi Langlois:

She makes a difficult situation much easier with her professionalism, experience and comforting ways. Shon is professional and has a great comfort level.

Ron Maner:

She does a great job in the courtroom and is very organized. She provides a comfortable atmosphere that I felt very relaxed. It was a great feeling that my lawyer had everything under control, and she knew my case.

Shattuck & Lisa Braafhart:

Our family owes so much to Shon. Our granddaughter is now with her dad where she belongs. She is a very happy little girl who now lives in a safe, stable and very happy home. When we had to travel out of the state to get her, Shon kept in constant contact with us. She even went out of her way to help us hire an out-of-state attorney, which was necessary in this particular case. The moral support she gave us made us feel like we were the most important clients she had, even though she was working on many, many other cases at the same time. It just goes to show her passion for her clients and what’s in the best interest for them. We love her and will NEVER forget all that she has done for us.

Aaron Heacock:

Shon knows what she is doing when it come to the law. She is very caring and concerned with the best outcome of my case.

Michelle Zack:

She is compassionate, professional and will fight for her clients. I think very highly of her. Shon was very personable and professional. She looked out for my best interests and although it was a difficult time she set my mind at ease.

Dan Felt:

Shon’s fees are more than fair. Her abilities and knowledge are more than sufficient. Shon is calm, personable, organized and fair.

David R. Scanlon:

Shon cares, she is personal and knows her business. Shon is friendly, and she is always there. Shon finds the time for you and gets answers.

Brenda Ketchum:

Because Shon is honest and did not keep me in court forever, she did what she needed to do and things were done. Shon was friendly, honest and it was a great pleasure to have her as my attorney. Thanks Shon.

Jeremy Maycroft:

Because every question I had was answered. Responses were timely and every need was met. Most professional firm I have ever dealt with. Having been represented by Shon has made me feel bad for every lawyer joke I have ever told.

Sonja Roberson:

I was very thankful for Shon’s help in my situation. I knew I could count on her from our first consultation… I would highly recommend her because she truly cares for your best interest! Not your typical lawyer…she is so much more!

Patrice M Sparks:

I retained the services of Shon in December of last year, unfortunately I did so after a horrible experience with another local attorney. I have to say that she has done more for my grandson and me in a little amount of time than the previous attorney ever did for us. I find her to be forthcoming, honest and seeing my grandson more than just a “case” she is handling. She pulls no punches and gets to the heart of the matter. I was incredibly impressed with her performance in the courtroom. I have battled to protect my grandson and for the first time in a long time, I now have hope, thanks to Shon Cook. I know my case is not complete yet but with Shon on our side, I am stronger and more confident that my grandson is now being protected by an attorney who cares.

Christopher L. Lamkin:

She took care of all my legal needs, and the outcome was always what I wanted. Shon always treats me as a person not just another customer and always lets me know what exactly is going on.

Seana Parker:

She came through for me. She fought for what I wanted. Very “down to earth”. I was able to communicate with her anytime. Aggressive when she needed to be.

Donald D. W, Hann:

Shon is a caring person who took a real and genuine interest in my family and their best interest. Shon is a concerned, caring person. She took the time to answer all of the questions that were asked, and she returned all calls.

Wendy Bloem:

I talked my son into retaining Shon for his custody battle for his three boys. Not only did she get him equal parenting time, she got him back into HIS house. Thanks Shon, my son and I appreciate everything you have done.

Cristal Rios:

She is the best in town. I really liked that she was honest and easy to talk to. She did not beat around the bush.

Dena Milks:

Ms. Cook instills trust with her knowledge, experience and personal attention. Ms. Cook was very knowledgeable, professional and worked well with both of us. Her humor was also a great stress reliever.

Holly Liefer:

Shon is conscientious, intelligent, honest, honorable and trustworthy. She makes her clients feel comfortable and very confident in her ability to represent their needs and wishes. Shon is an excellent advocate for clients and not only advises them on the best course of action but also takes their needs and opinions into account at all times. Shon is very down to earth.

Melanie Gallagher:

I write this testimonial before my case is even complete, so I don’t know the final outcome yet. I do know that Shon has treated me with respect and helped me to tell the truth in court, while keeping me safe and protecting my dignity.

I sincerely hope that the court reviews the case law expertly presented by Shon and finds in my favor, but even if that is not the case, I cannot say enough good about this law office and all the employees contained within.

If you are seeking an excellent attorney to partner with, stop right now and contact this one.

Ronda F:

Shon is an amazing person. She has integrity, kindness and is tough when she needs to be. She has always treated my children as if they were her own. Always asking about them and remembering the littlest detail. I know I can count on Shon to be honest and fair when dealing with whatever my legal needs are.


Shoot can only put it like a hillbilly, she’s a hoot! that’s a good thing Darlin

John M. Giddings:

I was treated with respect from Shon and was represented in my divorce very well.

Julie Way:

You were a huge blessing to me. You made me believe that I could get through my divorce, and I am now happier than I have ever been in my life. Thank you so much for being so comforting and caring. With your help, my life has changed forever. You make a difference, and you should feel really good about that!!!

John Davis:

Shon is the ideal attorney, and she relates easy to people. Shon is friendly, straightforward, honest, and caring. She is always willing to go out of her way.

Yvonne Witham:

Shon is a very dedicated and compassionate attorney. She will handle your case as a priority and also on a personal level helping to ease the pain of the situation. Shon is very professional and friendly. My case was handled on a personal level.

Theresa Richards:

Shon is very professional and forthright. She is very honest about outcomes and provides appropriate guidance. Shon and her staff showed compassion for my situation. All of the services were very professional and friendly.

Ron VanderMolen:

“Shon Cook Law — The Good Witch Of The Law” — Good Witch? Bad Witch? Hmmm… However you want to think of her slogan, the most important part of it is “of the LAW.” Unlike the vast majority of attorneys out there who seem to always tell you “yes, I can do that” or “no problem” just to let you down in the end or never get it done, Shon does! She is honest to the core and full of integrity. She will educate you on the law and fight for you within it. If something can’t be legally accomplished, she will tell you so. Shon is true “quality people” and doesn’t have to put on a circus act in court. She KNOWS the law and knows how to litigate it. So good witch, bad or in my opinion GREAT witch of the law, beyond anything and most importantly, Shon Cook makes the “law” work!

Darrel W:

I offer a unique perspective because my divorce required me to retain two attorneys. The first attorney meant well and represented me with good intentions, but at the end of the day, the results were not conclusive nor favorable to me. The first attorney ended her practice to accept a public position. When my ex-wife decided to file a motion to adjust her spousal support, I searched extensively for new legal counsel. I am very glad I found Shon. She is a good listener and considered all my requests. At the same time, she is very knowledgeable and guided me on what to reasonably expect. Shon concluded my case in good fashion. She is meticulous and detailed and presented the case professionally. I recommend you consider.

MayLynn Twining:

Shon is now my lawyer — it took me a lot of lawyers, but I finally got Shon and now I have custody of my older child and my other 2 come home in June!! Thanks to Shon!!!

Ted Greenlee:

Shon gets the job done right. Shon not only knows what is fair; she also knows what the right thing is for the children.

Rhonda K. Depagter:

Shon did a great job, and always watched out for my best interests. I was treated as a person and not a file.

Sonja Roberson:

I was very thankful to have Shon at my side through a difficult time. She was upfront and honest about all that was happening. She kept me up to date on all that was happening, clearly explaining my options and helped me to feel empowered at a time when you feel so powerless! No matter what my need for legal counsel, I will always seek out Shon… I know where I stand with her, and I know she will put my best interest first. You can count on her to do the same for you.