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Skillful Representation In Family Law Matters

Sooner or later, family law matters touch nearly every individual and family in some way. Times of transition, such as divorce and modification of child custody, can be stressful and worrisome, as well as pivotal for the future. Fortunately, at Tabono Law, you will find attorneys who work according to our principals of strength, confidence, hard work, and unity of purpose for our clients and the community. Speak with us and you will see the difference our dedication makes.

It is important to get a lawyer’s knowledgeable advice in cases involving:

  • All aspects of divorce processes, including property division and division of retirement assets
  • High-end, complex divorces involving business assets and multimillion-dollar properties
  • Division of real estate, including the marital home, vacation homes and investment properties
  • Parenting time (custody and visitation) and child support, including enforcement and modifications
  • Adoption, including stepparent adoptions, direct adoptions and other private adoptions
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Spousal support, also known as alimony
  • Family matters affecting same-sex couples, including premarital agreements, postnuptial agreements, cohabiting agreements and dissolutions, divorce and co-parenting
  • Resolution of Friend of the Court issues
  • Modifications of court orders

Our Founder And Principal Family Law Attorney

Family law attorney Shon Cook has built this family law practice through authentic caring and relating to clients. She treats each one with respect, while listening carefully and collaborating with clients to discover realistic solutions. Clients soon realize she genuinely cares about the outcomes and their effects on real people’s lives.

Shon Cook has been practicing family law for nearly 30 years, using methods that include negotiations, mediation, collaborative law, and litigation. She is a trained mediator. She often handles high-end, complex divorces involving multimillion-dollar properties and difficult custody and support issues. She also handles many family law matters for working-class people, serving the full spectrum of clients found in Muskegon County, and throughout the state of Michigan.

Finally, Shon trains family law attorneys throughout the state at seminars, trainings and conferences. She has authored numerous articles about mediation and litigation and is a recognized speaker on family law issues. She also frequently attends trainings to maintain her knowledge and skill level.

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Tabono Law is a valuable resource for individuals and couples seeking family law counsel. Schedule a consultation with no further obligation. Reach us by calling 231-246-4807 or sending an email inquiry through this website. In addition to in-person and phone consultations, we can communicate via Zoom video-conferencing.