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How to arrange parenting time with two children

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Family Law

When you have two kids and get a divorce, you might think that you want to keep them both on the same schedule. You may also feel that it would be more appropriate to put them on two different schedules.

What you do for your children will depend on what they need to live most comfortably. You and your ex-spouse should focus on what would be best for them both.

Deciding on a split custody schedule

Sometimes, children are far apart in age or don’t get along well, so you could have trouble having custody of both at the same time. To minimize stress, one option may be to split up the custody schedule.

With a split schedule, your children are on opposite schedules most of the time. They may have a day or two a week when they’re in the same parent’s home, but the rest of the time is spent in opposite homes. This works well when two children can’t get along, when one child needs a great deal of attention and in other circumstances.

Keeping your kids on the same schedule

Another option is to keep your children on the same schedule. This is usually what people do, as the courts generally like to see families stay together.

Keeping your children on the same schedule can be a good idea to help them maintain a close bond, and it can also make your life easier if they go to the same school or have the same extracurricular activities. Each parent will need to have the space for both children to live with them at the same time and the time to spend with both when they’re together.

The way you parent your children will depend on your circumstances

Every family is different, so you have to think about how yours would benefit from the different kinds of custody schedules. It’s hard to say that there is one correct way to parent following a divorce, because there are many options.

A good parenting plan and custody schedule will take into consideration your children’s maturity levels and what would be in their best interests, whether that’s staying together or being apart.